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Why do Engineers Matter?

We hear a lot that engineering matters but behind successful engineering activities are professional Engineers. They work alongside other professionals, such as scientists unearthing new discoveries, however engineers have a unique problem solving approach and turn scientific discovery into hard cash.

Engineering professionals are regarded differently in different countries. In some they enjoy legally protected status and titles while in others they do not. Society also views the roles and status of professional Engineers differently and this is reflected in the way careers are supported, rewarded and presented to policy makers.

What are we planning ?

In many countries there are organisations involved in the role of supporting Engineering both from a professional and financial perspective, but many are prohibited by their governing regulations from acting as advocates for professional Engineers to Society in general and Government in particular.

We aim to change this by providing a clearer, direct voice for professional Engineers, and encourage two way dialogue, surveying and creating discussion to engage policy makers and the public.

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